Since I've been bac to a 9 to 5 job - which is in reality 8 to 5 here in Switzerland - I found my self being very lazy when it comes to my makeup, outfit and hairstyle. Getting up in the morning at 6 to leave at 7 and start working at 8 is not that easy and I'm clearly not in the mood to beat my face. I just try to be at least presentable. Reason why the non-makeup trend is a blessing for me. Basically, you keep it as natural as possible. For me, it means that for my face I don't use foundation just a bit of concealer and pressed powder. Then I put some eyeliner and mascara.

For my lips, I found the perfect combo which is a neutral lipliner mixed with the new Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in the shade 570 Smoky Topaz. This product is I really love it. The color is intense, sexy and it doesn't leave my lips dry.

Revlon was really kind to send me the entire collection for me to try it and since I received these products I've been wearing them almost everyday. It comes in 7 different shades : Garnet, Petalite, Pink Baby, Smoky Quartz, Smoky Topaz, Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz. 
For those who don't know what a lip lacquer is, let me break it down for you. A lip lacquer is more like a liquid lipstick, it's thicker than a lip gloss and has a lot more coverage. It is a big trend in the beauty world at the moment. 

They will be available in Switzerland in june 2016 and you should be looking for them if you're all about liquid lipstick and try them. They cost 18.90CHF. I personally love these lip lacquer since it's makes it easier for me to look quite descent even on a non-makeup day.

Men denim shirt + Destroyed jeans + bag H&M | Sandals - Metro Boutique | On my lips  - Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer 




This outfit brings me right back to the 90's, when biker jackets, mom jeans and crop top were THE big trends to rock. Ain't funny how trends come and go just to come back years later ? I'm a 90's baby and I love everything from that era from style to music, I feel like everything was better than nowadays (except technology), but that's my opinion.

I feel like on the "fashion side" everything we used to wear was more comfortable and somehow "easier" to wear, you know what I mean ? Comfort is something I privilege in my outfits as I get older, reason why I'm slowly ditching slim and skinny jeans for mom and high-waisted jeans. I mean style is supposed to be easy for your daily life. 

Mom Jeans - H&M | Crop Top -Kiabi | Clutch bag - Zebra | Biker Jacket - H&M | Ring - H&M 

Photos Credits © PNK-PHOTOGRAPHY




These last few weeks have been so busy, full of new projects but very exciting. One of the projects I've been working on came to life last Wednesday and I'm very glad to introduce it to you.
I teamed up with Inglot Cosmetics in Lausanne to create the very first Afro-Swiss Bloggers Event ever. A blogger event only dedicated to Black bloggers. Why ? Because Black bloggers (in Switzerland) lack visibility and beauty brands need to discover who they are and learn how to communicate with potential black clients.

If there is a subject that I like to talk about, it's definitely the lack of cosmetics products for Black people in Switzerland. The struggle of being Black and taking care of your skin, hair or do your makeup properly is real in this country. Big companies say that there allegedly is no "demand" in the market for more products destined to dark skins. Allegedly, but the fact we all know this is not the reality. Since it's not possible for these brands to meet their audience, bloggers are a good way for them to know what their clients want and need but also touch them in the right way by working with bloggers.

For this event, I solicited Inglot Suisse Romande to collaborate with me. This brand is well known worldwide for its ethic (vegan products, not tested on animals), its amazing quality and affordable prices.
 The boutique arrived a few month ago in the french part of Switzerland and they brought wide range of makeup products even face products for darker skin tons. What surprised me is that more than 50% of their clients are black women ! Since they naturally attract melanin, it was obvious we had to host this first edition at their shop. So, we invited 11 fabulous afro-swiss bloggers and had an amazing time. 

Darcy, Linda Barry & Nenella Channel 

Everybody had the chance to get to know each other, exchange with the brand and learn some makeup tips. Elodie, makeup artist extraordinaire, taught us about the strobbing method. She did a demo on Maliza (blogger of Samourai Shampoo) and beat her face from scratch to snatched ! She did an amazing job. I recommend her to you. The girl is talented.

The girls also had the opportunity to discuss with Rodrigo and Vanessa, the owners of the franchise in Suisse romande to know more about the products. They were able to give advices and further informations about the different products.  They were (and always are) very kind and open. 

It was also a good occasion to get to know other bloggers and /or see some of them again. I was really glad to see that even though I brought all these different girls in the same place and they were spreading good vibes only.

(from left to right Kaja Rozay, Wallace Yolicia, Me & Nenella Channel)

This event was just a little introduction to a bigger project I will be sharing with you. However, I aim to do more of those so if you're an afro-swiss blogger living in Switzerland just leave a comment down below or join this Facebook group I created ' Afro-Swiss Bloggers '  and join the community.

For my makeup lovers leaving in Suisse romande, follow the brand on their Facebook page and enjoy a 10% discount on the boutique by saying that you come from me.


Inglot Suisse Romande 
Rue du Grand-Pont 12 
1000 Lausanne 

Photos Credits © Jocelyne Nkiambi & Kaja Rozay




The weather is changing so fast these days that I had to enjoy the sun and the heat we had today. I mean it's 'officially' spring but still got rain and cold on some days. Honestly, I can't wait to fully transition to summer. Anyways. 

For this look, I was definitely inspired by cool kids like Solange and some african vibes. You know I like to experiment with my style and I totally encourage people to try new things and go out of their comfort zone. However, I also feel like your style has to represent YOU. It's a kind of visual representation of your inner self. 

Even though I love minimal silhouettes and neutral colors, I like to throw colors and prints here and there not only to give some energy to my outfits but also to be connected to my african influences because this is who I am. So why should  I not express it through my style ? 

Shirt - H&M |  Culottes - ZARA | Bag - H&M | Sunglasses - ??? | Jelly Sandals - ??? 




How come wearing prints has become like a second nature for me ? Don't know why, where and when that interest for prints came in my life.
This fabulous ensemble is one of my last buys. I got it from designer Jessica Mbangila. I love how perfect the cuts are and the movement of the clothes. It's very flattering.



Third post of my LACC2016 serie and I'm talking to you about one of my favorite designer of the moment : Rose Palhares. Luckily enough, I had the chance to attend her catwalk at L'Afrique, C'est Chic since she was invited.